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With 25 years experience Camberwell Clinical Psychologist Renee Melges is now offering Clinical Psychology services online and in-person and Kinesiology sessions in-person. Call to book.

Just a suburb or two away from Camberwell, Serenity Holistic Healing was founded just to the east in Ashburton, treating a vast number of clients requiring Psychology and Kinesiology services, before it became evident that there was a need to expand the business to provide online Holistic Counselling and Psychological services to the wider community. Serenity Holistic was established.


Serenity Holistic welcomes all clients needing to access Holistic Counselling, Psychological and Kinesiology services from Camberwell and all surrounding areas offering a skilled and experienced Clinical Psychologist who is able to work with a large range of conditions for clients of all age groups.

Psychologist Camberwell

Renee Melges is a highly trained and experienced Clinical Psychologist specialising in mood and anxiety disorders. She supports clients seeking support with depression and anxiety, stress management, trauma, grief and loss, sleeping difficulties, career and work issues, conflict management, relationship difficulties, chronic illness and a large range of other presenting conditions. 

Counselling Camberwell

Renee Melges expanded her expertise when she observed that the traditional modalities of her western studies alone were not shifting the ingrained patterns of many of her clients. Renee found that utilising the best of western and eastern medicine proved very effective in shifting the persistent psychological blockages that her clients were presenting with.


Serenity Holistic offers in-person Holistic Counselling and Kinesiology Sessions in Ashburton, Victoria. For those more remotely located, Serenity Holistic now provides online Holistic Counselling and Psychology Services Australia-wide. From Tasmania to the tropical north, from Monkey Mia in the west to Byron Bay in the east, no longer is geography a limitation is accessing high quality Psychological Services. 

If you require the support of an experienced Clinical Psychologist or Kinesiologist, you can make an appointment with us today by phone or online. 

About Renee

Renee Melges is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, Registered Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a focus on Holistic Counselling.

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