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Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling and Psychology Services are designed to support self-healing and help restore balance and wellbeing. Through online consultations or in-person, you can be supported to develop a greater understanding of yourself and to identify any underlying negative belief systems that impact your responses in life. You will be given tools and strategies to assist you to change your behaviour and to better regulate your emotions.

The Benefits

Holistic Counselling provides support for you to shift underlying response patterns that no longer serve you. Rather than purely treating the symptoms that appear on the surface, Holistic Counselling enables the client to look at the deeper reasons why a behaviour may be occurring.

When Renee Melges originally trained as a Psychologist she spent some years practicing before she began to notice that some of her clients were presenting with challenges that were not responsive to purely Western counselling approaches. After studying a variety of complementary therapies she integrated Holistic Counselling approaches into her Psychology practice and found that her clients were responding very positively to the new approach. Holistic Counselling is now foundational to her Clinical Psychology practice.









What is Holistic Counselling?


Holistic Counselling and Psychological treatments are designed to support the whole person through an exploration of the interconnection of the mind, body and spirit. 

What is a Holistic Counselling Approach?

Self-exploration, empowerment and personal growth are characteristic of a Holistic Counselling approach. While many counselling methods bring primary focus to the mind, Holistic Counselling considers the whole person when providing counselling services, including their spiritual aspects.

Holistic Counselling may also incorporate Eastern and Western models to support the person to uncover the core negative belief systems that may be preventing them from moving forward in their life

Holistic Counselling Melbourne

All Holistic Counselling sessions are facilitated by our experienced Clinical Psychologist Renee Melges from her Melbourne location. After being in private practice offering in-person counselling for more than 16 years, in 2020 Renee expanded her Psychological and Holistic Counselling services to include an online format so that she could see people from a broader geographical area. Today she provides online and in-person Holistic Counselling. Online Holistic Counselling suits both people looking for counselling in Melbourne and Australia-wide including remote and regional locations where Holistic Counselling services are otherwise limited.

From Burwood and Glen Iris to Launceston and Hobart, Renee Melges is available to provide online Holistic Counselling for primary children, adolescents and adults. For families seeking support for their children and teens, and who are unable to access in-person counselling, Renee maximises the online medium which is easily embraced by children and teens who have grown up with technology. Using a secure online platform she leverages the natural interactivity and curiosity they have with the technology to support them in self-exploration and personal empowerment.

In-person Holistic Counselling is available in Ashburton, Victoria for primary children, adolescents and adults. Online or in-person Holistic Counselling sessions for children and teens are personalised and incorporate social stories, music and colourful imagery to support engagement, assisting them through their self-exploration and learning of how to work through their own personal challenges. Parents are invited to attend sessions with children.

About Renee

Renee Melges is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, Registered Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a focus on Holistic Counselling.

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