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Who We Service

In a Holistic Counselling context, Renee Melges works with adults, adolescents and primary school children offering online and in-person sessions. The move to offer her services online has allowed Renee to support people Australia-wide, from the inner-city to remote regional locations. She has a special interest in supporting people in remote areas who may not have access to a wide range of Mental Health Services in their vicinity. In a Kinesiology context, Renee Melges works with all ages from as early as pregnancy. In-person Holistic Counselling and Kinesiology sessions are held in clinic in Ashburton, Victoria.


Holistic Counselling

For Adults

Renee primarily works with adults presenting with mood and anxiety disorders. Renee can provide assistance to clients who may be experiencing: grief and loss, anxiety, trauma, depression, relationship difficulties, chronic illness, insomnia, stress, career and work issues. She also works with those who are interested in a deeper exploration of self and personal growth in order to enrich their lives. Online and in-person Holistic Counselling sessions are available.

For Adolescents

When working with adolescents, Renee will tailor sessions to support the adolescent with the particular issue(s) they are finding challenging. She engages the young person in the online or in-person environment, introducing psychological concepts and strategies in an age-appropriate manner through the incorporation of colourful visuals to provide a platform for self-discovery and empowerment. Parents attend sessions at the request of the young person.

For Children (8 years +)

Through her clinical experience, Renee Melges has found children from the age of around 8 years respond well to online Holistic Counselling sessions. In-person sessions are available for local clients in Ashburton, Victoria. In both online and in-person sessions, social stories, music and colourful imagery are incorporated to engage a child through their self-exploration, and learning of how to work through their own personal challenges. Sessions are focused on personal empowerment, building resilience, improving emotional regulation and how to gain support from safe adults. Parents are invited to attend sessions.

Common reasons parents seek support for children and adolescents from a Clinical Psychologist:

  • Challenges with emotional regulation

  • Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Symptoms of Depression

  • Building self-belief and self-confidence

  • Friendship issues

  • Behavioural issues

  • Grief and loss

  • Dealing with change

  • Family dynamic challenges

  • Dealing with parents’ separation and divorce

  • Bullying

  • Dealing with trauma

  • Learning to stand up for oneself and hold boundaries with others



Online Counselling Service

If you live in a rural or more remote area you may experience specific types of stress that are common amongst people who find themselves isolated by their environment and with limited support services.


While many people choose the beauty of the bush or rural areas as their chosen place to live this can mean the Psychological and Counselling services available to them are limited. While there may be in-person services available, they may not be with a service or a practitioner who they resonate with.


Renee Melges has found that the the presentations that people experience in rural areas are largely similar to those that are being experienced Australia wide. However, people in remote areas are often more exposed to financial problems, labour shortages and youth unemployment. Travel for work and time away from family to secure work can also present its challenges. This confluence of factors can lead to psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.

Public mental health services in regional Australia are often some distance away or may not be the right fit for the client. Renee offers telehealth sessions to people in all locations so that they can have access to city-based services from the convenience of their own home and geographical location.


Kinesiology for Adults

In-person Kinesiology sessions are supportive for adults who feel stuck and unable to shift deep seated patterns, despite conscious awareness of their difficulties and attempts to change. Kinesiology can be supportive for letting go of unwanted patterns. Kinesiology is also supportive to enhance a deeper connection with oneself and restore a sense of wellbeing and alignment.


Kinesiology, combined with Holistic Counselling approaches which access the subconscious, have enabled Renee to support clients to successfully break through negative psychological patterns and restore a sense of centredness, calm and personal empowerment.

Kinesiology for Children and Adolescents

For many children and adolescents, it can be challenging to identify and talk about their problems. Some children and adolescents struggle to express their feelings and process their thoughts. In-person Kinesiology sessions provide a medium to access the subconscious and identify core blocks that may be preventing children and adolescents from moving forward, even if these barriers are difficult for them to identify or communicate.


In-person Kinesiology sessions incorporate Holistic Counselling approaches to support children and adolescents to develop better emotional regulation skills, a stronger connection with themselves and greater clarity on how to approach their personal challenges in an empowering way. In-person Kinesiology sessions combined with Holistic Counselling support children and adolescents to become more comfortable with what they are going through and be more equipped to support themselves.


Renee aims to support children and adolescents to build a strong foundation of self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence and resilience when interacting with others so that they stay true to themselves. Parental guidance is provided to support the incorporation of appropriate identified strategies within the home environment to assist their child or adolescent.

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