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With 25 years experience Launceston Clinical Psychologist Renee Melges is now offering online Holistic Counselling and Clinical Psychology services. Call to book.

Renee Melges provides online Clinical Psychology services to the people of Launceston.

Clinical Psychologist Launceston

Renee goes a long way back with the ‘Apple Isle’ – her grandparents were from there, and her parents and relatives all come from Tasmania too. She still has fond memories of spending the idyllic summers of her youth enjoying the delights that only Tasmania can offer, and feeling a special affinity for the people there. 

Renee was inspired to offer her services to the people of Launceston when she learnt of the severe shortage of highly trained and skilled mental health practitioners, and the long waiting lists that are inevitable in such circumstances. 

And even when there are plenty of psychologists available many people have the added challenge of finding someone who feel like they are the right a fit for them. By conducting online sessions from her clinic in Melbourne, Renee has found that she can offer her Clinical Psychology Services Australia wide for those who may otherwise not have access to their first choice of practitioner.

Holistic Counselling Launceston

With over 25 years of experience working as a Clinical Psychologist and Holistic Counsellor, with primary school, adolescents and adults, Renee specialises in mood and anxiety disorders. Renee supports clients with a range of issues that include depression, relationship difficulties, trauma, anxiety, chronic illness, difficulty with sleeping, grief and loss, emotional regulation issues and career and work challenges. Her holistic approach is received very warmly by her clients who find they resonate deeply with her approach.


Renee Melges offers online Holistic Counselling and Clinical Psychology services for primary school children, adolescents and adults Australia wide. 

About Renee

Renee Melges is a Registered Clinical Psychologist, Registered Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a focus on Holistic Counselling.

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